Leaside is a cozy, family-oriented , located in the mid-section of Toronto.


Leaside is a cozy, family-oriented , located in the mid-section of Toronto. 


Leaside is located 8 km northeast of Downtown Toronto, in the vicinity of Eglinton Avenue East and Bayview Avenue. The takes its name from William Lea and the Lea family, who settled there in the early years of the 19th century. 
This is located away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto but within close enough proximity to conveniently travel to the city center when desired. Families tend to gravitate to this because of the schools, parks, and central location. 


Leaside largely features detached houses, which accounted for 56% of the home sales in 2018, followed by condos at 21% of sales, and lastly semi-detached houses at 17% of home sales. The average selling price in Leaside over the last twelve months was approximately $1.7 million. 
With the upcoming completion of the Eglinton LRT in 2021, experts anticipate that the real estate prices in Leaside will continue to rise. The LRT will have the added benefit of cutting down the commute time to downtown Toronto, thus, providing residents the convenience of not having to drive. There are also luxury condominium developments and shops in pre-construction in the neighborhood – both positive signs that the is in demand and growing. 


Leaside is popular among families, who desire proximity to downtown yet want to be disconnected enough to belong to a neighborhood that is surrounded by nature. Therefore, the of Leaside consists of residents who are married with or retirees. 
Families in this neighborhood tend to be very active and take full advantage of everything the has to offer, such as biking, playing tennis, softball or belonging to one of the many fitness studios in the area. 


Leaside is home to many beautiful parks and ravines. Trane Manes Park is conveniently located in the heart of Leaside, featuring a baseball diamond, the Leaside Tennis Club, a playground, Trace Manes Community Centre, and a Toronto Public Library. 
Sandy Bruce Park is park located in South Leaside, which also houses a wonderful dog park. Crothers Wood is a beautiful park located in the area, excellent for hiking and mountain biking trails.
Last but not least, the Moore Park Ravine is a lush, tree-lined stretch of land that offers one of the most beautiful nature walks in Toronto; making up the last leg of the Beltline Trail, which extends through the city from west to east. The ravine runs from the Mount Pleasant Cemetery down to Evergreen Brickworks. This is a popular trail among residents for, biking, walking, jogging, and taking their dogs for a walk. A favorite among residents is to visit the extremely popular Brickworks Farmers Market on Saturday mornings to indulge in sumptuous brunch involving freshly grown Ontario produce.



A popular choice for residents is Conspiracy Pizza and Adamson Barbecue, both run by the same owner Adam Skelly, which focus on perfecting Southern-style meats and thin crust pizza. 
Another Leaside is Local Public Eatery, which is pub grub, serving brunch and a rotating selection of craft beers on tap. Additionally, Yonge and Eglinton is within a short drive from Leaside and offers a variety of in-demand cuisine options such as Bar Buca, Fresh, and La Carnita, to name a few. 



Leaside is not known for the nightlife but the has a few bars; Red Lantern and The Leaside Pub are a couple of the local pubs.



The Roehampton Hotel is the closest hotel to the . For those seeking more of an upscale hotel stay, head over to Yorkville which is less than a drive from Leaside and offers some of the city’s finest hotels. 


While Leaside is not known for its wide array of shops, the Yonge Eglinton Centre is just a short car ride away where residents can find many shops. Or, residents can head over to the nearby Eglinton West and Avenue Road area for some high-end boutiques.



  • Northlea Elementary and Middle School 
  • Bessborough Drive Elementary and Middle School 
  • Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy 
  • Thorncliffe Park Public School 
  • Sunny View Junior and Senior Public School 
  • Blythwood Junior Public School 
  • Valley Park Middle School 
  • Eglinton Junior Public School 
  • Leaside High School 
  • Northern Secondary School 
  • Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute 

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