King West

King West is one of the most vibrant and lively neighbourhoods in Toronto.


King West is one of the most vibrant and lively neighbourhoods in Toronto; Fashion meets contemporary living


It is one of Toronto’s fastest growing neighbourhoods. as real estate prices have been increasing due to, fundamental economics, high demand and low supply! The real estate in King West largely comprises of condo units, accounting for 95% of sales, followed by townhouses.


King West is popular with young urban professionals, those who desire the close proximity to their downtown offices while being within walking distance to Toronto’s entertainment district. Residents can walk, cycle or commute with the King Street Streetcar. And when residents are walking to and from work, they are enjoying the never ending choices of hip restaurants, swanky cafes, or popular bars.
Since the city introduced the King Street Pilot test residents have found their commute by transit much quicker. This has cut down traffic significantly, and allowing street cars to pass by much more frequently.
Residents of this neighborhood enjoy the vibrant and lively hood of this area while still being super active and attending one of the many fitness studios.


Clarence Square, situated at Spadina Avenue and Wellington Street West, is a residential urban park that harkens back to the Victorian era. Clarence Terrace, a row of historic townhouses facing the square from the north, provides a great visual backdrop for this neighbourhood and green space with an enclosed dog off-leash area.
St. Andrew’s Market and Playground is a small park located at Bathurst Street and Adelaide Street West. It was the first park in Toronto to have a playground for children.
King West Village is walking distance of the Toronto waterfront trail which is perfect for a leisurely stroll, some jogging, or biking.


King West offers a mixture of both high-end and casual restaurants. You will find a diverse selection of cuisines that can satisfy your taste buds for whatever mood you are in.
Rodney’s Oyster House, which happens to be one of the most popular oyster spots in the city, serves some of the most delicious fresh-shucked oysters, seasonal seafood dishes, and drinks. It’s no wonder the restaurant has become one of the most renowned importers and wholesalers of seafood as well. Fun fact, did you know the best time to get Canadian oysters is from May to December? Because molluscs plump up in anticipation of the winter weather and therefore, they get better towards the tail end of the season. 
Wilbur specializes in Mexican street food such as tacos and burritos. This casual restaurant was named after Wilbur Scoville, the chemist responsible for creating the measure of heat used to gauge the pungency of chili peppers, the Scoville Scale. Wilbur is devoted to quick service while still maintaining a cool vibe that lends itself to enjoying a couple of beers as well.
Gusto, which means “tasty” in Italian, definitely lives up to its name. Formerly known as Gusto 101, it has been serving up modern takes on Southern Italian classics since opening doors in 2012. Located in a repurposed garage on Portland Street and with a rooftop patio, the restaurant has become a King West resident favourite.
Mira serves up authentic Peruvian plates, with a creative and contemporary take on authentic dishes of seafood and meat mixed into a variety of ceviches, tiraditos and anticuchos. The restaurant is tucked away in an alley filled with lanterns leading to an unmarked door, where inside you will find a neon llama (yes, a neon llama) to lead you to the dining area. Mira is the perfect evening escape that will leave your Latin American senses completely satisfied.
Sara’is a high-end hideaway with tasty Japanese-inspired small plates and fancy cocktails. Sara is located in a converted Victorian home on Portland St. A stylish sister restaurant to Rasa, which are both run by Food Dude – an award-winning catering team in Toronto specializing in private events such as weddings.


Despite all the restaurants and exciting venues, King West is known for its nightlife scene. You will never run short of bars and clubs to go to. The streets are filled with too many clubs and bars that naming, or visiting them all is impossible. But for starters, Kost and Lavelle are great fun places that also feature unparalleled panoramic views of Toronto.
If you’re looking for well-made drinks, Goldie is perfect then. It offers signature and classic cocktails in an upscale, beautiful wood-paneled space. You can also dance the night – or the cocktails – away upstairs with hip-hop and house music.
Escobar is a sort-of kind-of secret bar, located on the upper level of Baro. To get in you will need to know the password, which changes daily. But once inside, you can sip on a variety of fancy drinks staring at the neon sign that says “Pablo Loves You” while a DJ plays hip-hop or house music.
Or for a more relaxing place, Belfast Love is a casual Irish bar with a good selection of beers, whiskey, and a dozen TV’s setup for large group seating.


Thompson is a boutique hotel in the heart of King West. Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the city from the rooftop lounge and seasonal pool. Also you can enjoy the contemporary setting of the Lobby Bar or dine in comfort at the Thompson Diner.
Bisha hotel is located in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District minutes from King West featuring impeccable rooms, impressive amenities, and enjoyable restaurants and bars. Kost, located on the 44th floor rooftop, is a restaurant bar with stunning panoramic views of the city.


King West is adjacent to neighboring Queen West, which many residents head over to shop at and take advantage of the diversity in boutiques conveniently located besides them. In addition, residents who work in the Financial District take advantage of the PATH – an underground pedestrian walkway in downtown Toronto that spans more than 30 kilometers of shopping, restaurants, services and entertainment. Toronto Eaton Centre offers a bigger selection of stores and it is a short streetcar or taxi ride away.


  • ALPHA Alternative Junior School
  • St. Mary Catholic School
  • Ogden Junior Public School
  • Niagara Street Junior Public School
  • Downtown Vocal Music Academy of Toronto
  • Ryerson Community School
  • The Waterfront School
  • Charles G Fraser Junior Public School
  • Givins-Shaw Junior Public School
  • St. Luke Catholic School
  • St. Michael’s Choir (Jr) School
  • Ossington-Old Orchard Junior Public School
  • Downtown Alternative School
  • St. Michael Catholic School
  • The Grove Community School
  • City School
  • Oasis Alternative
  • St. Michael’s Choir (Sr) School
  • Msgr Fraser College (Southwest)
  • Heydon Park Secondary School
  • Contact Alternative School

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